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Nice to meet you

We're an agency built by & for entrepreneurial explorers

What we're all about

A bit about our agency and what we believe in. Let’s get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

Our purpose & mission

We exist to help other spirited entrepreneurs, startups, and growth ready bold brands follow their passions and forge their own path doing what they love. 

Following your dreams and doing something you believe in is all too rare in this world. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs, dreamers, and explorers the tools and foundation necessary to do what they love and create their vision of the world.

Meet the team

We are a team of strategist, designers, marketers, developers and writers. Most importantly we are curious dreamers

Otto - Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Happiness Officer

Loves cuddles and belly rubs. Despises electric scooters.

Danny Trombley - Founder of Andiamo

Founder / Creative Director

Big hockey fan. Major nerd. Is in love with the chief happiness officer.

Colleen: Digital Marketing Manager at Andiamo

Digital Marketing Mngr.

Dabbles in trading stonks and is also a published author.

Belen - Copywriter

Copywriter / Strategist

Wizard with a pen, pencil or keyboard and has lived around the world.


[ ahn-dyah-mo ]

Italian Interjection.

Andiamo is an Italian word meaning Let’s Go when used in the imperative form.

“let’s go”: “Andiamo all’avventura”, let’s go on an adventure.

Values we live by

These are what make us who we are, guide our decisions and provide clarity on what we stand for.

Curious creatures

Curiosity allows us to stay observant of new ideas, to seek answers and ask better questions. We can uncover new worlds and possibilities otherwise overlooked.

Dream chasers

We were founded on the belief dreams can become a reality. We’ll always give our all to make the dreams of our clients come true.

People over profit

Profit matters but, we’ll never choose profit over people. Building relationships, taking care of others and doing what’s right matters more than making money.