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Brand Strategy for On Serve Tennis

Brand strategy

Brand strategy helps you to understand who you are and how to communicate it in a purposeful way. Strategy and storytelling are what separate great brands from the forgotten. It creates a strong foundation on which everything else is built and allows you to shape brand impressions.

Discovery & research

We start by doing tons of research to get to know everything about your business, industry, and competition.

Brand heart

The essence of who your brand is and why people will feel connected. Core principles such as purpose, values, vision and mission.  

Audience research & customer personas

A deep dive on your ideal target audience to discover their needs, desires & personalities. To learn how we can deeper connect & provide the best brand experiences.

Personality, story & messaging

Brands need to feel and act human. People expect more from brands in today’s world. You must be able to tell great stories, be easily recognizable & authentic.

Identity design

A distinctive, unique brand allows you to stand out from competition through memorable design and provides tools to be consistent through all content and brand elements such as your website, social media, newsletter or package design.

Common elements of brand identity systems

Brand Style Guides, Brand Guides | Branding Services

Brand guide

The process of building a great brand is like setting up a three legged stool. If the top of the stool is the brand’s visual identity, the legs that support it are strategy, execution, and
consistency. Take away one leg and it falls flat.

Without clear strategy, the brand is dead on arrival. Without great execution, the brand winds up lifeless. Without consistency, the brand is easily—and often forgotten. So where does a style guide fit in?

A brand style and strategy guide is the list of guidelines and standards that keep your brand looking and feeling like your brand. It’s what keeps us consistent.


You want a brand name that grabs the attention of all who hear it but, choosing a name is a common obstacle for companies.

We help you to come up with a memorable, strong name so you leave an impression.

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