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Ginger Beard Coffee

Ginger Beard Coffee is a down to earth coffee shop and online retailer who help people receive their much needed caffeine and coffee

Ginger Beard Coffee - Brand Strategy & eCommerce Web Design - Project Case Study

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The Challenge

Ginger Beard Coffee has physical locations but wanted to expand their reach beyond the slower growth of the tangible world. They felt there was more they could do to grow their brand and total sales.

During discovery sessions we found two major needs. Developing a strong brand strategy to help create a clear brand message, positioning and personality . Secondly, an eCommerce store and subscription based service model where sales can extend beyond the on the go in store customers and create predictable reoccurring revenue to those who also brew their own coffee at home. 

Ginger Beard Coffee Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

The gents over at Ginger Beard Coffee had many great elements to their brand that stood out but, lacked a clear strategy and direction. We were able to clarify their messaging, hone in on an identifiable, consistent personality and create a cohesive world for the brand to live in.

This also allowed our team to create a memorable website experience that matched their fun loving, playful and down to earth personality.

Ginger Beard Coffee
Ginger Beard Coffee Home Page Design Mockup

Web Design & Development

We put into motion a digital plan heavily focused around eCommerce allowing the Ginger Bearded Coffee Wizards to sell their coffee through one-off orders and a subscription-based coffee model. We built an eCommerce site that shows off their fun and down to earth personality and separates them from their competition while providing them predictable and recurring revenue. 

The site layout was optimized to convert new visitors with eComm best practices, conversion rate optimizations, and total order value features/optimizations such as abandoned cart sequences and cross sells to name a few. The included SEO launch package provides organic growth and searchability. 

Ginger Beard Coffee - Website Design
Mobile and responsive web design

Mobile and Responsive Design

Responsive web design is an important approach that allows your design to adjust to user behavior based on screen size across various devices. Building a responsive website is vital for a great user experience.

Game changers for us
We had aspirations to expand our business beyond our retail locations but, just didn't know exactly how. Andiamo helped us form a vision and brought it to life. We love the end result and fully recommend Andiamo to everyone.
Derek - Owner of Ginger Beard Coffee
Derek Scanlon
Owner of Ginger Beard Coffee