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On Serve provides the tennis and racquet sports communities with top of line gear and apparel through their retail location and website

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The Challenge

The sport and community of tennis is built on a foundation of great tradition and history. They’ve held onto their traditions and expected norms tight for a very long time. The timing is ripe for some much needed change.

The tennis community needs a youthful takeover to better align with the Millennial and Gen Z generations who are slowly becoming the main athletes participating in the sport.  On serve wants to provide a pop of color and individual personality to a very monochromatic grey world. Finding the right balance between respecting traditions and unapologetically ringing the bell of modernity and individuality is important. 

Brand Strategy for On Serve Tennis

Brand Strategy & Design

We know we want to add splashes of color to an otherwise muted world. But, just as important is the goal to provide personalized services, accessible sport education and customized fittings for injury prevention. 

Understanding the goals and mission helped us build a unique brand personality that would be distinctive, appeal and connect with our ideal target audience and lead the On Serve team to reaching their goals. 

On Serve Tennis
On Serve - Business Card Design - Brand Elements
On Serve Banner

Their voice is daring, inspirational and even a bit proactive in the Tennis world while just as comfortably speaking to spread knowledge and guide customers. They are driven by the pursuit of self expression, originality, expertise and industry wisdom.

The logo mark maintains the simplicity of the traditions set while the brand colors pop with sky blues and yellows with action elements to show movement tied to objects and athletes.  

On Serve Tennis - Website Design Homepage

Web Design & Development

On Serve has hundreds of different items they sell from racquets, shoes, athletic wear,  accessories and much more. We built an eCommerce site that would enable On Serve to expand their reach beyond retail and to racquet sports customers nationwide. 

The spirit and personality of the brand is carried through the site while maintaining a great user experience and centered focus on product and education.

We couldn't be happier
Tennis has always been an important part of my life and we wanted to provide a service to the sport that we felt needed modernizing. We couldn't be happier with the results of our website and brand to make my dream a reality.
Mark - Owner of On Serve
Mark Tarentino
Founder of On Serve