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Is a laser hair removal and aesthetics company passionate about helping clients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Sleek Aesthetics Laser Hair Removal Project Case Study

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The Challenge

Sleek Aesthetics came to us as a new business with no established identity or online presence. The founder Kathleen had years of experience in the laser hair removal and beauty field and was ready to take her own journey. The goal was to stand out  in a saturated Tampa Bay hair removal market.

We focused heavily on developing a brand that emotionally connects with the ideal target audience while being truly distinctive. The industry suffers from a lack of unique brand identities with outdated websites providing a huge opportunity.

Brand Strategy

With Sleek Aesthetics we focused heavily on their brands purpose, who their ideal customer truly is, what they desire, the needs they have and the problems they face. 

Based on our research and interviews we formed a soft and humble personality that sees the beauty in everyone with a pure, honest and innocent heart.  Those who seek hair removal often struggle emotionally due to insecurities which, can impact their confidence.

Sleek Aesthetics helps their patients overcome insecurities and remember they are beautiful. The goal is to foster a feel good spirit and wholesome virtues with a splash of sensuality.

Sleek Aesthetics Laser Hair Removal
Sleek Aesthetics - Stationary Design

Brand Identity

We selected soft yet vibrant colors full of pinkish red hues with soft and warm grey’s. The logo has a sleek and sensual style. The logo mark is that of an S formed with subtle, abstract hair follicles and smooth curves and can be easily integrated stylistically through the brands photography and additional elements.

The photography style compliments that of the personality with soft, minimal backgrounds. The photos of female subjects should reveal their inner confidence and joy.

Sleek Aesthetics - Business Card Design
Sleek Aesthetics - Website Design

Web Design & Development

The site layout and copy was optimized to convert new visitors and appeal to their desires while the SEO launch package set them up for success with organic growth, local reach and searchability. 

We integrated their scheduling software and carefully wrote headlines and body text that touch on the pain points, needs and answers many questions they may have in advance.

Sleek Aesthetics - Website Design
Sleek Aesthetics - Responsive Scalable Mobile Web Design

Mobile & Responsive Design

Responsive web design is an important approach that allows your design to adjust to user behavior based on screen size across various devices. Building a responsive website is vital for a great user experience. 

A new world of branding
Andiamo's understanding of brand strategy opened me up to a new world of branding and how to truly connect with my audience and clients. I formed a priceless understanding of my target audience and the resulting brand identity and website aligned beautifully with our strategy.
Kathleen Escobio - Founder of Sleek Aesthetics
Kathleen Escobio
Founder of Sleek Aesthetics