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An Agency’s New Beginning

We've renamed and visually rebranded our agency. We are so excited and can't wait for what's yet to come.
Danny Trombley

Danny Trombley

Founder of Andiamo. Big hockey fan. Major nerd. Dog dad.

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Hey, new and old friends! We have some very, very exciting news to reveal. We have officially rebranded our branding and digital marketing agency. So meta eh? The rebrand has been a long time coming and a year in the making.

Don’t be alarmed by how long it took us to complete this, we had to do our best to fit in our own agency project in between our client commitments and during the late after hours of the evening. The reason we chose to rebrand was to better align with both our ideal customers and who we are as an agency.

Previously, we operated under the self-titled, Danny Trombley Creative. Truthfully, the name was born out of simple necessity. I had been dreaming of starting my own agency after working the corporate life for a decade and working as a freelancer simultaneously. One truly beautiful day in retrospect was the day I was let go from my job and the prototypical rat race. There is a story there I can assure you but, better left for another day! Nonetheless, I needed to make money badly with rent and a doggo at home relying on me. There was no time to waste and nothing is easier than simply throwing your own name on it. At the time I was the only member of the team so why not.

The rename and new identity design were necessary for many reasons. The biggest reason came from the obvious difficulty of everything I do personally becoming intertwined with the often differing goals of our agency.

Thus, here we are 32 months later from the birth of a dream to a new visual identity. We genuinely couldn’t be happier to rock our new threads. So to this, we say, goodbye to the past, hello to today, and see ya soon to tomorrow.

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